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HQ Montana VIII M8 12.0 RTF

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The HQ Montana 8 power kite is the go to kite for all land based backcountry or freestyle trick kiteboarding.

The NEW Montana is a boost junkie’s dream, the kite now has even more lift and hang time, incredibly. Handling and stability has been improved as well. The Montana accomplishes this by, a higher aspect ratio and lighter design that provides increased de-power. The turning is quicker and the flying speed is even faster than the previous model. Significant weight reduction has been performed by constructing the kite’s sail without stiff Mylar laminate cloth; the canopy is better able to absorb gusts for greater stability thanks to using new Paraglider technology. To further reduce weight, HQ Power Kites made the Montana bridle thinner and smaller. This light weight package gives the kite a wider wind range that allows you to fly in lighter winds, so the flyer has less down time.

The Montana 8 kite is easy to handle while offering high end performance for the demanding pilot. The new depower bar system has been redeveloped with a new molded chicken loop that offers HUGH depower which is important for safety and user-friendliness. The new backpack offers more attachment points and storage options for all kinds of boards, helmets and harnesses. This keeps your hands free so you can travel in an easy manner. The Montana 8 is very popular with snowkiters and landboarders alike. It has earned a reputation that gives this power kite a pure land based kiteboarding pedigree no matter you’re terrain. Whether the kiteboarder wants to explore the backcountry or focus on freestyle tricks, the Montana 8 delivers.

Technische data
  • Flat Area: 12,0 m²
  • Flat Span: 690 cm
  • Height 194 cm
  • Flat AR: 4.20
  • Cells: 28
  • Y-Line Set*
  • De-power Control Bar 55 cm / 22“

*Y-Line Set: Backlines 275 kp (600 lb.), 2 x 25 m (82 ft.) Frontlines 500 kp (1100 lb.), 1 x 9,5 m (31 ft.) + 300 kp (660 lb.), 2 x 15,5 m (51 ft.)


Data sheet

Incl. Line
Control Bar