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Here on the shores of the North Sea something is in the air.  It strikes you with full force, a feeling of something calling, an invitation from the wind beckons you onward with a passion to strike out and take it all by storm – the beach, the waves and the sky.

Things are bound to get a little crazy. Lines are blurred as you blaze across a frothing sea. On sandy dunes, wind-swept beaches or endless blankets of virgin snow.  With your kite, it doesn’t matter: all terrains are now your playground as you lift off and touch the sky.  You have conquered it all to become one with nature’s forces.

But this is only possible if you have reliable, robust sports gear that is reassuring and feels like a natural high performance extension of your own body.   We have developed and made that perfect kite equipment since 1997. Deeply immersed in all the many facets of wind power and passionate about wind sports, we at HQ4 understand what it takes to create the perfect kite.

We do not settle for the generic status quo.  We understand that complexity does not equal superiority – and that there is Elegance in Simplicity.  Pinnacles of beauty, ingenuity and performance most often are the result of less of something – not more of it.  Know what your essence is and accept nothing more.  Here at HQ4, we are obsessed with making fun kites for everyone.  We are the intersection where sophistication meets simplicity; where fun meet functionality, and we want everyone to be able to share our obsession with kite sports. Your demands are our challenges. At HQ4 we design kites for you.

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