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For more than 25 years, Invento has been synonymous with the best leisure articles. Whether it's hip and cool or classic; Invento articles provide fun and excitement for all ages.

The trademark HQ (High Quality) was established in 1986 in Germany. Meanwhile, the brand has already launched many popular fliers on the market. The extensive HQ range includes single line kites, stunt kites, parafoils, LEI kites for kite surfing and windtoys.

The HQ Symphony has been one of the most successful parafoils in the world for over 20 years, just like the Beamer and Crossfire. Invento remains innovative and always seeks the highest quality. The range of HQ kites is complete; from kites for beginners to kites for advanced skiers and even for the most experienced kiters. HQ kites from the solid German company Invento guarantee excellent performance at a fair price.

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